* Dispose of old or unwanted items prior to move in to help save space.

*Store sofas on an end to maximize space.

*Disassemble weak or heavy pieces of furniture to allow more storage space.

*Clean refrigerators and freezers, drain water supply lines, vacuum coils and fill with other kitchen items; store with doors slightly ajar.

*Put heavy items in small boxes and light items in large boxes.

*Be sure to leave a space between the walls and your items to allow ventilation.

*Take proper precautions to protect furniture with mattress covers, poly blankets or sheets for coverings.

*Ensure all gas powered items are drained prior to move in. This will eliminate any odors.

*Store mattresses with a cover, upright along the side of your unit for short periods only; for long-term, keep them flat with nothing on top.

*Wrap mirrors and pictures with bubble wrap and store them upright along the side of the unit.

*Consider putting clothing in wardrobe boxes.

*Avoid moving during a rainstorm to prevent mold and mildew.

*Purchase Dry-Out moisture eliminator desiccants to help prevent moisture during your long-term stay.

*Store items you may need often, at the front of your unit.

Happy PackingĀ  :) !